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M-1 fighters make their picks for Volkov vs Smoldarev fight

18 January 2016

M-1 Challenge 64: Volkov vs Smoldarev - M-1 fighters' predictions


Ramazan Emeev:
Volkov and Smoldarev both are very decent fighters. Smoldarev is more powerful, Volkov – has more diverse technique. I think this fight will go full distance – all 5 rounds. My prediction: Smoldarev wins via decision.


Viktor Nemkov:
I think the fight will be very spectacular and beautiful. Both guys are very tough, they possess a good technique and strong health. This will be a real Clash of Titans. I know them both very well. So I wouldn’t like to make a prognosis. I wish them to pass through the training camp without injuries. Let them show a great fight and make their fans happy!


Ivan Buchinger:
It's always tough to predict a winner in a heavyweight fight. Especially when two evenly matched opponents face one another – a single punch can change everything. I hope for an entertaining fight, but can't wait to throw leather myself again!  


Stephan Puetz
T-800 analysis completed: Volkov will win by KO 2nd Rd left high kick.


Slava Vasilevsky:
Smoldarev and Volkov both are good strikers. Volkov has got more experience against top-level opposition. But Denis should be motivated very good, as this win can become a significant step-up for him. Chances are close, but my pick is Smoldarev’s win via KO in 1st round.


Max Coga:
I believe Volkov has the edge in striking and has a lot of experience against high caliber opponents. but I don't think that Smoldarev will be intimidated by any means. So it's impossible for me to predict who will win – I just hope for a crashing KO.


Kostya Gluhov:
With all my respect to Denis Smoldarev, as he is my combat comrade and even a neighbor to some extent, I choose Volkov in this fight. He has more experience and he is faster. His wrestling is also very good. Denis had a lot of injuries lately. This is a bad stuff. In his recent fight he had too much overweight. If he gets overweight this time, he wouldn’t be able to work all five rounds. Therefore my pick is Alexander Volkov, maybe event early finish. But I will also be happy if I make a mistake this time.


Alex Makhno:
I root for Volkov. We’re teammates in Complex Martial Arts and know each other very well. Therefore I can’t be objective in this fight. Volkov has got everything for the win. Denis for sure, is a solid fighter, nobody can win him easily. Volkov is a smart guy, so I’m sure he will make a benefit from his strong sides and his opponent’s lacks. My prediction is a decision or late finish win by Alexander Volkov. Yeah, and I think that both of them deserve the title.


Antun Racic:
I think it would be a great and difficult fight for both of them. I think it will be a standup war. Perhaps with a slight advantage of Smoldarev because he has good wrestling. But it's hard to say who will win in this match.


Valery Myasnikov:
I think this is a great fight, as we have two strikers here. They will try to test each other’s technique. This is a heavyweight, so everything is possible. Volkov has longer reach and experience of fighting in USA. I think this is a hefty benefit in this match-up.


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