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Sergei Kharitonov: I receive a lot of offers, but I've preferred to fight in M-1 Global

14 March 2017

Read fresh interview about Sergei Kharitonov's planned fight on M-1 Challenge event in China on June 15th


- Do you know who will be the rival, and if not, are there any expectations?


- I do not know anything yet. I received an offer from M-1 to fight in Harbin, and since we have been talking with Vadim Finkelchtein for a long time and understand each other and I gave my consent. Vadim said that I am popular in China, and that he wanted me to represent Russia in this tournament. I do not know anything yet. I have no thoughts and assumptions about this at the moment, as I'm now focused on the upcoming fight in Bellator. This is my main goal for today. And after this fight I'll think about the one in M-1.


- When you wanted to fight in Russia in December, Bellator did not give the permission. What changed this time, and was it hard to get permission to fight in M-1?

- There were no problems, I would not like to comment on how we came to an agreement, but one thing is for sure - permission is received, and after Bellator I will perform on M-1 Challenge tournament in Harbin.


- Now you are focused on preparing for March 31, this is understandable. But after this fight, when do you plan to start your preparations for June 15?

- Yes, now I am preparing for the March fight, in a few days I am about to fly over to America. A preparation for the fight for M-1 will begin immediately after the [Bellator] fight.


- Last time you fought in China on M-1 Challenge 53 event. How do you like the local audience, and what are your overall impressions of the tournament?


- Everything went fine, I liked the level of the organization, fans' attitude to the athletes and the response of the public. I think that M-1 has a decent experience in holding tournaments in China, so this time they can make the bigger show. Although the last time everything was also fine.


- Do you accept proposals from other Russian organizations? Why did you decide to perform in M-1?


- Yes, I receive a lot of offers, recently they have showered on me. I will not say specifically, but they were major Russian MMA promotions. But I have long relations with M-1, and wek now each other well with Vadim Finkelchtein. We get along well and trust each other. Therefore, I preferred to fight in M-1 Global.